About twenty minutes from the Giens peninsula in Hyères or the port of Niel, the island of Porquerolles conceals a natural wealth in the South of France. Being the largest and most western of the three islands of Hyères, it is considered the Pearl of these islands, due to its exceptional location, at the southern end of the Provençal coast, in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur .

Camping Clair de Lune
Tourists are fond of the idea of visiting our campsite Porquerolles, located in the surrounding area, mainly on the archipelago of the Iles d’Or (Bagaud island, Port-Cros island, Rascas rock, Gabinière islet, Island of Levant, Petit Langoustier island). In a wooded park is the Clair de Lune campsite, a stone’s throw from a sandy beach, in a lush natural setting with a Mediterranean landscape that offers a unique panorama of the ocean. This location allows you to spend a real stay by the sea, away from the bustle of the city, a perfect destination for recharging your batteries.

Visit the island of Porquerolles

The green nature of the island of Porquerolles is conducive to idleness and relaxation. Although it is preserved, the local population tends to conserve this wild landscape environment. This is what makes the reputation of the island, which makes it an essential place to stay in a Porquerolles campsite. It’s good to live in, because you can access all corners of the island on foot or by bike. Through the marked paths, discover the breathtaking views which overlook the coastline alternating wild beaches and secret coves. In addition to this idyllic setting, the island of Porquerolles is also home to an impressive architectural heritage. These are its famous 84-meter lighthouse, the Sainte-Anne church, a unique religious monument, the Moulin du Bonheur, as well as the Villa Carmignac with a museum of contemporary art. These places of local interest date from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, and are among the essentials to visit when camping in Porquerolles.
In the North, the sublime white sand beaches and its limpid waters dominate the landscape, it feels like an exotic island in the distant lands. Going south, you have ideal coves for swimming. The Black Beach will not fail to impress you with its dark red sand, at the foot of the Fort des Langoustiers. The perfect site for diving and discovering the underwater riches of Porquerolles. Besides, the motorized nautical activities on the coasts of the island have a firm regulation, so as to preserve the site.
On the island of Port-Cros, another important island in the archipelago, discover its authentic park during your campsite in Porquerolles, the only National Park in France to combine both a land and sea area , including part of the island of Porquerolles. This preserved territory, located in the heart of the island of Port-Cros can only be discovered on foot, and can be reached by boat from the ports of Hyères and Lavandou all year round. If you come in season, the Port-Cros National Park is also accessible from Toulon, Saint-Raphaël and Sainte-Maxime.

Port-Cros and its wonders, to be discovered at the Porquerolles campsite

In fact, the island takes its name from the natural harbor formed by the coves. It is characterized by its relief which has survived as the highest of the Golden Islands. Marked circuits, about 30 kilometers long, constitute the island to explore the wonders of Port-Cros, through its wooded landscapes as part of a hike. Endowed with a natural heritage, it has some historic buildings including 5 defensive forts dating from the 17th century. These fortresses were built under the orders of Richelieu to protect the area from intrusion by pirates. Beyond its terrestrial riches, the seabed of the island of Port-Cros can also be discovered by scuba diving. As a family, the snorkeling excursion is the activity par excellence to explore the underwater trail of Palud Bay. If you want to stay dry and comfortable during the visit, choose an Aquascope boat.

Levant Island, a naturist paradise

In the French commune of Hyères, the Levant Island bathes you in a bohemian atmosphere that cultivates its reputation for rebellious beauty. On the map, it is the easternmost fraction of the Golden Isles. Essentially covered with Arbutus trees, you will find yourself in naturism paradise in the heart of this exceptional island. Between colorful Provencal houses, art workshops and exotic settings, the sweetness of life is unique to the Ile du Levant. Naturists can indulge in this unusual practice in the village of Heliopolis. This oasis of authenticity is in itself the cradle of naturism in France. A philosophy created at the initiative of the Durville brothers in 1932, and which has remained on the village beaches. However, the port of Ayguade is not affected. Walking through the coves of the Levant, you will notice that pebble or flat rock beaches, all embellished with turquoise water. The only cove made of fine sand on the island is that of the beach of the Caves, opposite Port-Cros and has a heavenly decor. An unspoiled place that stands out from its coastal beaches on the rest of the island. In addition, each natural site and each terrace gives an exceptional angle of view, with a blue background of the ocean and a green landscape of vegetation. It must be said that the naturist philosophy has spared it from urbanization and the strong tourist influx.
You are free to choose the type of campsite that suits you: between the Porquerolles campsite, the 4-star Porquerolles campsite, the cheap Porquerolles campsite and the Porquerolles campsite by the sea.

Cycling on the Porquerolles cycle paths

The island of Porquerolles seduces visitors with its varied landscapes and unspoiled surroundings, a destination with a thousand facets. During your stay on the archipelago, do not miss any of its sites. Natural spaces that you will find fun to visit with family, friends or lovers. On your bikes, and set off to meet places of interest in Porquerolles and its surroundings.

The port and the village of Porquerolles

Departing from the village of Porquerolles, the port is a legendary place in the region. The resort of the island was created in 1820 and is characterized by its relaxed lifestyle, due to the proximity to nature. This tourist destination brings together within it a few dining tables and bicycle rental services. Remember that the island is not accessible to cars, hence the specificity of the island. In addition, the pedestrian and cycle paths all start in the village, and lead you to the exceptional sites of the island, especially the beaches.

Notre-Dame Beach

A stopover is essential on Notre-Dame beach. A case of blue established in a majestic wooded bay, a peaceful place where the pine forest and the oak grove create an intimate atmosphere behind the beach. Although it is little frequented due to its distance from the village of Porquerolles, it is a beautiful well-known beach on the Hyères islands.

Courtade Beach

When you arrive at the Courtade Beach, you come to the largest expanse of pristine sand and crystal clear water. It particularly attracts families who let themselves be seduced by its incredible charm, where the scents of Eucalyptus scent the hearts.

Pointe Prime and Argent Beach

This seaside resort is the most visited on the coast of the island of Porquerolles. Moreover, it is only 1 km from the port, so easy to access. Vacationers like to go there with family, especially since swimming is supervised, which reassures parents concerned about the safety of their children.

Langoustier black beach

It is distinguished by the dark color of its sand, which makes it a jewel from the Var, sheltered from winds and swells. In fact, the Bay of Langoustier is made up of two beaches: the first is in the North opposite the Giens peninsula, and the second in the South, endowed with a beach of fine black sand. To access it, you can do it in half an hour by bike from the village.

What to do during your holidays in Porquerolles?

A change of scenery, Porquerolles is the perfect place to get away from it all and fill up on nature. This Var island has everything to please lovers of heavenly landscapes. A popular destination since it corresponds to this accessible vacation spot, not far from your home. To discover one of the most beautiful jewels in the Var, you must organize your itinerary beforehand.

From Porquerolles to the Golden Islands

The enchanting decor of this island invites you to a good mood. As part of the Hyères archipelago, other islands and islets constitute the Golden Islands, among others, Port-Cros Island and Ile du Levant. By visiting each piece of land, you will not fail to differentiate between each of them; some with the airs of Brittany, others more preserved. The special thing about the island is that it can only be visited on foot or by bicycle. Just rent a model suitable for the type of hike you plan to do. In any case, mountain bikes are more suitable for the terrain, sometimes rough and stony of the island. For long distances, you would be more comfortable pedaling, especially when heading west.

Head towards the Medes battery

If you continue east of the village of Porquerolles, the battery of Mèdes is an old abandoned military domain which is 3 km away. A site with little traffic due to the difficult trail. In addition, visitors tend to park their bikes at the entrance to the site. Those who decide to venture there will discover a rocky coast where a Breton air blows.

Discovering the South of Porquerolles

The South allows you to contemplate a mosaic of unusual landscapes between vineyards and olive groves on the way, especially in the heart of the island. In this direction, your route will go towards the lighthouse and the Indian creek, unmissable on the island. However, swimming is strongly discouraged, due to the too steep cliffs.

Practical advice for visiting the island of Porquerolles

  • Come in low season to escape the tourist invasion on the beaches;
  • Go to the Porquerolles Tourist Office, at the exit of the pier to get a map of the island;
  • Experience all types of hikes offered on site;
  • Leave the classic bike in favor of mountain biking to easily cover all the circuits;
  • Go to the semaphore to appreciate the panorama of the island;
  • Stay for at least one weekend.

Discover the coves of Porquerolles by boat

While staying at Clair de Lune campsite, a boat trip is another way to explore the island of Porquerolles. Departing from La Ciotat or Cassis, the Eden Boat is a boat for exploring the treasures of the Var in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.
Renting a boat allows you to sail on the ocean between the islands of Hyères. An original experience not to be missed during your stay at the Clair de Lune campsite in Porquerolles. Drop the moorings, and here you are on the sea, in front of the wild coves that you can contemplate from the ship. You could also contemplate the timelessly charming village with its mythical harbor. Further on the island of Port-Cros, the small port looks like a cove with its handles, not to mention the small shops that line the coastline overlooking the palm trees. A preserved island with unique charm. To enhance this maritime activity, go diving to discover the biodiversity hidden in the seabed of Porquerolles. In addition, Port-Cros National Park has been known for its colorful fish since 1963. To hire this boat, the rental price is € 1,400 per day. If you wish to privatize the boat, it can transport a maximum of 8 people.