Rentals with private jacuzzi: Which one should you choose?

A private spa

The private spa is the same for all 3 mobile homes. A wooden mobile home made of golden pine, full amenities, outdoor wooden jacuzzi under a cabana for privacy, a view of the sea as you relax in your private spa. There is nothing like them in France. Here at Clair de Lune, we were the first campsite in the Var to offer private spas with Estérel caravaning while other campsites were still adding communal spas.

Each rental with jacuzzi has something unique to offer

Each rental with jacuzzi has something unique to offer:

  • The Azur Mobile Home with jacuzzi with L-shaped deck.
  • The Provence Mobile Home with jacuzzi and deck is surrounded by the campsite’s vegetation, large master bedroom.
  • The Serenity Zone Mobile Home with jacuzzi also has a very large bedroom and lots of space so that it is accessible to all.

And each of our 8 mobile homes with spas each has something that sets them apart. Our team would love to hep you make your decision by phone or chat so that you can pick the mobile home with spa that is perfect for you.
As an eco-label campsite, we must take into account the carbon footprint of our facilities as well as our clients’ well-being.

Rent a mobile home with jacuzzi

Renting a mobile home with jacuzzi for 2 people or 2 adults and 2 children must meet our well-being, environmental and security objectives, which is why we

  • treat our jacuzzis with odorless active oxygen that won’t dry out your skin or leave any residue in the environment.
  • We have a large pool filtration system with an innovative filter that isolates particles nearly as small as 5 microns.
  • We change the jacuzzi water for each rental and at the most once per week
  • We collect water from the jacuzzis in underground tarps and use it to irrigate the campsite
  • We are testing a heat pump
  • Access to our wooden jacuzzis is restricted like with public pools, which is all too rare at campsites that have just recently added mobile homes with private spas.
  • Here at Clair de Lune, we do not install our jacuzzis on the ground, nor do we surround our private jacuzzis with regular wood. Each of our installations is unique and custom-made, incorporating the jacuzzi into a wooden enclosure with deck.

So come enjoy a private jacuzzi at the Clair de Lune campsite all year round, either for Valentine’s Day or with one or two children at the end of October when the weather is still gorgeous in the Var. Our unique concept is a special way to relax without having to go to the trouble of installing a private jacuzzi at your home.