Environmental Policy

Clair de Lune is committed to protecting the environment

European Eco-label Camping Service

Our campsite is located in a special environment that we want to preserve sustainably. So, at Clair de Lune, we decided to apply for an eco-label. Our goal is to continuously decrease our negative impact on our home and the environment in general. In order to formalize our approach, we chose the European Ecolabel for Tourist Accommodation. This official label is a mark of environmental quality certified by AFNOR and valid throughout Europe.

Our environmental policy focuses on the following aspects:
  • Energy management (saving energy and renewable sources of energy).
  • Water management (reducing water consumption, reducing water pollution).
  • Waste management (recycling, reducing waste).
  • Responsible purchasing policy.
  • Services management for any that impact the environment (transportation, conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity).
  • Improving how we work to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Informing and raising awareness in our team, customers and supplies about our environmental policy.
We put our policy into action and continuously improve our practices:
  • Most of our rentals are equipped with low-energy light bulbs.
  • 90% of our rentals have low flow faucets.
  • We recycle.
  • We buy eco-label products for most maintenance operations.
  • We have a drip watering system with timer for green spaces.
  • We choose plants that are adapted to the Mediterranean climate.
  • We buy mobile homes built responsibly with reinforced isolation.
  • We offer activities that introduce you to our heritage and environment, and you don’t need to use your car.

For more information, see our environmental binder and reception.