Badine beach



Camping Clair de Lune

Badine beach and campsites

The Badine beach in Hyéres is a beautiful sandy beach, gently sloping, adjoining the beach of La Bergerie.

Its right side remains in the shade for part of the day, thanks to the pines.

Three small coves will welcome you if you take the coastal path to the right. The water is magnificent and the low water level allows you to walk in the sea for a very long distance.

The nearest campsite is the Hyères sheepfold campsite and the Clair de Lune campsite is located 2 km away.

Bergerie beach and accommodation

You can find several types of rentals near the beach of the Giens badge; rentals in the kids or sheepfold. The Hyères tourist office lists the rentals at La Bergerie beach and Badine beach – vacation rentals and seasonal rentals in its practical guide / accommodation in Hyéres.