Port-Cros is an island belonging to the Hyères archipelago. Located in the vast Mediterranean, the island was given to the French government when it promised that in return a national park would be built within it. This wonderful island will satisfy lovers of nature, photography and history thanks to its past and its natural heritage.
Camping Port Cros

Port-Cros National Park

Port-Cros National Park was created in 1963 and is today a sanctuary for protected species. The island itself is approximately 4 km wide, with a total area of ​​approximately 650 ha. Formerly, the island belonged to the Greeks, and it is a very picturesque place, which makes it a great tourist attraction. Port-Cros is a little smaller than Porquerolles, but it is more “mountainous” in nature and even more wooded. The small port is guarded by ancient forts above. For a short visit, a 15 to 20 minute hike from the port to Fort de l’Estissac will offer you a superb view of the port. The Fort de l’Estissac is nicely restored and open to visitors. It also has a small museum with a well presented exhibition of local objects. There is a small beach in the bay next to the village / port. A few other beaches are located 20-30 minutes away, in each direction. Port-Cros has a very small village area, with tourist shops and cafes rather than typical village shops. The Port-Cros National Park manages all the natural spaces on the island of Porquerolles with the island of Bagaud and the neighboring islets. In 1971, faced with the threat of growing town planning on the island. The State bought 100 ha, the management and protection of which were placed under the responsibility of the Parc national de Port-Cros in 1985.

What to see in Port Cros National Park?

Port Cros National Park is governed by strict rules. For example, camping, smoking or setting fire in the park is prohibited. Mont Vinaigre rises to 194 m and charms visitors with its cliffs overlooking the sea. In the park, you will meet a botanical path, forests, forts, green landscapes. The forts bearing witness to the past of Port Cros Island make its reputation:

  • The fort of the mill for example is at an altitude of 27 m. It is the largest and oldest fort on the island, built during the reign of François I. It is impossible to visit this building, classified as a historic monument.
  • The fort of Estissac on its side is 105 m above sea level. It is located 15 minutes from the port, at the top of the northwest end of the island. The port can be visited in summer. It was built on the orders of Richelieu. The fort was listed as a historic monument in 19471. It was attributed to the Port-Cros National Park in 1974.
  • Fort Port Man, on the other hand, is 24 m above sea level. It is located 2 hours 30 minutes walk from the port. The Fort of Port Man was built in the 17th century and built in the 18th century.