La Capte



La Capte is a district integrating the 14 districts of Hyères, in the south-east of France, east of Toulon. The latter is a city in south-eastern France. The town of Saint-Sauveur is located in the department of Var of the region of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. The local population is known as Captois. The city is known for its airport, its port and the Fondue tower. The last is the place of departure to the islands of Hyères. The village is full of pines, mimosas, agaves and eucalyptus. It is in fact a small 102 ha seaside resort with 600 inhabitants.
La capte Hyères

La Capte, the seaside resort of Hyères

La Capte is a small seaside resort or village spread over an area of 102 hectares. It is located in one of the 14 districts of Hyères. The hamlet of La Capte is located on the peninsula of Giens, 5 km from the Clair de Lune campsite. The name of the hamlet is taken from the seawater catchment canal. It was used during the exploitation of the saltworks. Today, more than half of the hamlet is urbanized.

Camping à la capte hyeres

La Capte : beaches and entertainment

La Capte is famous for its 4 km long sandy beach. The water is shallow and each member of the family can take full advantage of it. The beach of the pine forest of La Capte extends over 20 ha. It is classified “Natural area of ​​ecological, faunistic and floristic interest” (ZNIEFF). In addition to the beaches, La Capte has many shops in the center of the village and a port which welcomes hundreds of boats during the year. Do not hesitate to visit the Provencal market of La Capte with a hundred places. Here you will find local culinary products and handcrafted products. Every Sunday, Le Capte hosts a flea market. The city of Hyères is known for its spas and thalassotherapy. The Clair de Lune campsite was the first establishment to open a private spa in Giens, a stone’s throw from Capte Hyères. Today, you can easily find spa establishments in the area.