Boat in Porquerolles: go around the island on the water!



Located a few minutes by boat from the Giens peninsula in Hyères, the charming and welcoming island of Porquerolles is one of the most privileged destinations in the region. On a beautiful, calm and sunny day, embark on a boat in Porquerolles, to explore the beaches, the rocks, the restaurants and even the history of this place. Want to take a boat trip around the island of Porquerolles? Here is a taste of what awaits you there.

A few lines around the Porquerolles tour

The Cassini map produced in 1778 is one of the reliable references for a comprehensive and detailed overview of the island. It retraces in historical details this place and sheds light on its particularities. A better knowledge of this card will facilitate your boat visit to Porquerolles.

The Forts of Porquerolles

By visiting the island, you will certainly discover the forts of Grand and Petit Langoustier. As charming as they are impressive, they get their titles from the lobster that gave its name to the whole of this frame. During your boat trip around the island of Porquerolles, you will also have the opportunity to discover the Fort of the Alicastre in all its splendor. According to some historians, this name would designate the “castle of Ali”, even if that remains a hypothesis.

The beaches of the island

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Argent Beach, which you can easily reach by renting a boat in Porquerolles. Take advantage of the fine and pleasant sand and then the restaurants to relax and enjoy. If you want a quieter beach for better communion with nature, you will only have to join that of l’Aiguade. It is a fairly old water point to visit absolutely during your boat trip around the island of Porquerolles. And that’s not all ! Formerly dominated by the large De Lénoncourt family mansion, the castle beach is one of the most visited places on the island. You can also take a detour to Courtade beach and of course Notre Dame beach, which is very popular in the region and beyond. Do not forget to visit the famous “galère beach” (Galéasson beach) during your boat trip in Porquerolles. Do not trust its name, otherwise you will have missed a memorable visual experience.

Camping Clair de Lune : Porquerolle

The Caps and the Rocks

The island of Porquerolles also has many rocks and very attractive capes for tourism. If the Jaunegarde rock is to be avoided, as it is reputed to be dangerous and responsible for several shipwrecks, you can safely visit Les Meudes whether it is the rock, the cape or the mountain. The pierced rock of Cap des Mèdes will dazzle you with its very particular structure. In addition, the capes of Sevaignet (large and small) are also very attractive and you will undoubtedly appreciate the view from your boat.

Further on, you can take advantage of your boat visit to Porquerolles to discover Cap Roux, which marks an elegant break in the orientation of the coast, the Gabian rock thus named in honor of the gulls who frequented the place where the Cap d’Arme which is the main place of surveillance and watch of the garrison. There are so many unique places to discover on this island that is full of spectacular natural wonders. Admittedly, it is possible to visit them in several ways, but the most interesting for a complete and fun discovery, it is especially to rent a boat in Porquerolles to enjoy an unforgettable view and atmosphere.